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Tonight rapper French Montana is hosting a party at a strip club, L.A.'s King of Diamonds Sin City. More specifically, it's a “'Pop That' Event,” during which dancers will compete by twerking to Montana's wildly catchy summer anthem “Pop That,” which samples Luke Campbell's “I Wanna Rock” and features Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. We can't wait to hear it 42 times in a row, and we are not being sarcastic.

How does one twerk? By exuberantly shaking one's rear end. Here's an example. We're pretty sure the Olympics are considering adding it as an official event.

We called up French Montana to find out what he'll be looking for tonight. Take notes.


How you doing, baby?

Wishing all of “Pop That” were just you chanting, “work, work, work, work, work.” How did the other guys get on the track?

Actually, the song had just me on it but after Ross heard it, he jumped on it. [Ross is the executive producer of Montana's upcoming album, Excuse My French.] Me and Drake were supposed to do a record and that was his favorite. So it's me, Ross and Drake, and I get a call from Wayne and he was like, “Can I get a verse on it?” Who's gonna turn down Wayne?

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun at that video shoot.

It was Uncle Luke on steroids.

Tell me about a video shoot like that. Does crazy shit still really go down?

Oh, big time. It was a Uncle Luke party, but what happens at an Uncle Luke party stays at an Uncle Luke party. Liquor, ladies and all kinds of things started going down.

After being in the rap game for a good ten years now with Max B and the Cocaine City DVDS, do you feel vindicated by finally breaking into the mainstream?

It takes time. I feel like I finally got my break. We still climbing. There are levels of the game you have to go through. Some happen overnight, for some it takes longer. I'm just starting. I'm not even at the peak of my career. You can leave college any year you want, but when you graduate and get the position you want, that's when you're there. I want to bring something different, in the sense that I'd be the first one to come from Morocco and make it this big in the game. I wanna add to the culture so my name could live on forever.

Speaking of Morocco, did you observe Ramadan this year?

Ramadan's over. It was over two weeks ago. But I was in Morocco for some of it, about four days. It's crazy out there during Ramadan. It wasn't the best place to be. You go to jail if you're caught eating outside.

But at night, they party.

It was kinda funny parties. No liquor, no nothing. They smoke shesha – it's like hookas. They dance. There are a lot of pretty girls over there.

Pretty girls, yes. Like tonight. Now, what's the grand prize?

Gonna pay somebody's house note.

Okay, that's motivation. So tell me, what are the five characteristics the winner must have?

Hmmm. First, [know how to] work the pole. Two, her face is pretty. Three, the ass is real. You never know. If it's fake I don't mind, [but they] gotta get the right stuff in their butts.

What's the right stuff?

Silk. I have the experience; if I feel it, I can tell you if it's real or fake. Four, stripping outfit. Girls gotta get creative. Gucci, Fendi, fine, that's nothing. Get creative. Don't have your thong not matching your bra. Match the colors.

And last but not least, your toes. Your feet. They can't be hanging over whatever you wear, dragging the ground. Gotta have nice shoes to match your outfit. Guys are different, they might be athletes or something. But if you're a girl, you should have nice toes.

French Montana's International Pop That Event is tonight, 10 p.m., at L.A.'s King of Diamonds Sin City.

See also: Popping That Ass: The Ladies Who Won Diplo's Contest

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