Raekwon has just released (through Pitchfork) a track from his forthcoming (and much delayed) project Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

It starts with a lengthy martial-arts-movie style sample that seems to refer to the not-very-beefy beef between the Abbot (RZA) and the rest of the Clan. In case you forgot, this all goes back to the 8 Diagrams album, where the RZA tried to leave the hardcore East Coast style of early Wu-Tang behind and progress towards a hippier, stonier, thoroughly California state of mind.

Raekwon's track is a throwback to (or some would say a pastiche-y faded copy of) the now very dated old Wu-Tang style. You can say whatever you want about 8 Diagrams, but you can't call it stagnant…

Anyhow, wanna download it?:

Here it is.

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