I guess you could call this the luck of the Irish. After Ireland lost a shot at going to the World Cup after a dubious call (see Thierry Henry's infamous handball episode) sent France to the Cup instead, Pizza Hut's Irish stores decided to assuage the nation's pain with pizza. For every goal scored against the France in the World Cup, Pizza Hut has been giving away pizza. (There has been a cap on the amount of pizzas donated, at 350 per goal, such that the company does not totally bankrupt itself.)

And now that France has been eliminated from the Cup–having just lost 2-1 to host nation South Africa–Pizza Hut will be giving away even more pizza. (To Irish Hut Facebook fans.) Does France owe its stunning self-destruction (see Le Meltdown) to Irish revenge? To Irish pizza? Of course not. But there's a kind of beautiful irony to a fast food pizza chain sticking it to France, traditionally both a soccer and a gastronomic powerhouse.

LA Weekly