We sometimes make fun of Ozomatli here because they can be a little…well, NPRish and “Soothing Sounds for Liberals.” But that's ok, in their case we kid because we respect–they're all amazing musicians, very open-minded to all rhythms and cultures (hip-hop, in particular, and they've spawned our friend Cut Chemist), and all-around nice people.

And today they're giving away a free track for a great, much-needed cause. It's called “Respeto” and makes the case that the only constructive way to prevent hypocritical, demagogic politicians (see Arizona's current incarnation of the GOP) and fucked-up “journalists” like the vile Lou Dobbs is by showing up and VOTING.

From the Latino civil rights organization NCLR:

Latinos have a lot at stake in these elections. In the 2008 elections, a record number of Hispanic voters turned out to ensure that politicians heard the voice of the Latino community loud and clear. In the midst of an economic crisis and harsh anti-Latino climate, Latinos cannot afford to stay home on November 2. We need to stand up to those who allow our community to come under attack. We need to tell our lawmakers to work toward real solutions to our nation's problems.

And from Ozomatli's Raul Pacheco:

The simple act of voting has proven to be an important tool in the shaping of my surroundings,” said Ozomatli's Raul Pacheco. “As a modern American Latino, it is a meaningful step to counter the specifically hateful and hurtful rhetoric that has been aimed at Latinos throughout this country.” Pacheco adds, “Voting demonstrates self-respect. It is the dream of many that all who are eligible to vote do so on November 2. Vote for your family, vote for Respect!

Download the track and GO VOTE:

“Respeto” is here.

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