This week's print edition of the LA Weekly features an article and interview with hardcore popsters Tweak Bird, aka, the Bird brothers.

According to Shelley Leopold's feature on the band,

Of the 10 new tunes, “Future” and “Sky Ride” showcase the brothers' evolving songwriting style (which might very well be picked up by a savvy advertiser for a car commercial by next year). Among Tweak Bird's standout tracks, “Beyond” impresses with its concise beauty, the tension between Caleb's lilting vocals and Ashton's thundering backbeat snapping and striking and making the tune anthemic. Caleb reveals that his brother is also a fan of that track (“Definitely a kinetically charged little pop number!”), but he prefers the last song on the record, “Distant Airways.” “I'm a fan of the minimal vocals in the song and the epic jam transitions,” he says.

Volcom, the skating-clothing spawned label that's putting out Tweak Bird's debut LP, has offered a couple of the songs from the album for your listening pleasure:

Tweak Bird, “A Sun / Ahh Ahh”

Tweak Bird, “Lights in Lines”


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