Here's one of the coolest things we've ever offered at West Coast Sound–and it even has a really interesting backstory to go with it. It goes like this:

A while back someone went to visit Los Angeles producer/sonic visionary Madlib at his legendary smoky studio base. After leaving his house, this person noticed a box of dusty 45s next to the trash, a shoebox packed with singles that had been discarded by the great Madlib. The person went back and asked Madlib if someone had accidentally thrown some of his singles away, but the producer just shrugged and said the was “done with them” (presumably lifting and sampling minimal beats for his complex tapestries of sound) and that they could have them.

But Madlib's trash is another man's (and the whole world's, thanks to LA Weekly) treasure: this person brought the shoebox to his friend George (aka, supertalented DJ EGROEG, who plays regularly at Where's Yr Child), who in turn prepared a kickass mix, which we're now offering to you all:

EGROEG will be Djing this Friday with Sun Araw and M Geddes Gengras, with

Special Guest David Scott Stone at ShowCave:

LA Weekly