If plowing through the pages of your 760-page volume of Gravity's Rainbow has left you mentally exhausted, you might consider reviving yourself by bringing a copy of the book — or any of the other novels written by secretive postmodern author Thomas Pynchon — to Atwater Village's Trystero Coffee tomorrow. Those who bring in a Pynchon book between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. will get a free cup of Brazilian “Lot 49” cold brew or an espresso shot of the “Lot 49” blend in celebration of Pynchon's 75th birthday and the second-annual Pynchon in Public Day, in which fans commemorate the author's works using various discreet “culture-jamming” tactics.

Greg Thomas and Nicole Arneson, founders of the small “nano-roaster” shop, are such a big fans of Pynchon, that the name and logo of Trystero actually refers to the muted-horn symbol that figures prominently into the author's 1966 novel The Crying of Lot 49. If you haven't heard of Trystero, you wouldn't be alone. The coffee purveyors share Pynchon's furtive nature: they've been operating under-the-radar for almost the past two years, announcing their limited batch roastings online to a group of devoted followers.

If you can't make it out tomorrow, Demitasse in Little Tokyo will be serving Trystero beans all this month as part of their guest roaster program. Who knows, that old man sitting in the corner reading a newspaper and sipping an espresso might be Pynchon himself. (or maybe not, we heard he likes to wear a paper bag with a question mark on it.)

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