Everybody on the indie blogosphere, particularly those sections of the indie blogosphere devoted to buzzband hip hop that white indie kids like, are all up abuzz buzzbanding about the recently dropped FREE new mixtape by the curiously named collective Das Racist. (See the great Rob Harvilla from the Village Voice rating the wacky rhymes here.)

Das Racist's Sit Down, Man has been underwritten by clothing company Mishka (them of the annoying Cyrillic logo) so you can download it for FREE (see below).

But the jury is still out–is this genius? is this stupid? is it the new Paul's Boutique? Is it the new Quasimoto? Is it good-cracked-out stoney “surreal” anything-goes rhyming like the best of Kool Keith? Or is it aweful-cracked-out stoney “surreal” anything-goes rhyming like the worst of Kool Keith?

Hate it? Love it? Meh?

Wanna hear? What do you think?:

Download the new Das Racist mixtape here.

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