What do serial killers and ice cream sandwiches have in common? Maybe go watch Michael Shannon's wonderful film The Iceman, in which Chris Evans, minus the superhero outfit, drives an ice cream truck. And maybe also consider the fact that Showtime is celebrating Dexter's eighth season and its Emmy aspirations by giving away free Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches both here and in New York this week. Reason enough, I suppose.

The free ice cream sandwiches in question are named “Killer Combos,” since they're composed of Jekyll-Hyde light and dark sides: chocolate and Snickerdoodle cookie halves sandwiching vanilla ice cream with cherry swirls. Because cherry sauce looks like blood, you see, and the whole thing is a metaphor.

For the uninitiated, Dexter stars Michael C. Hall as a serial killer who is, conveniently, a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami police. The series begins its eighth and final season on June 30.

Coolhaus sandwiches will be given away starting tomorrow, June 19, through Sunday, June 23, from Coolhaus ice cream trucks, which will be making stops in Studio City, The Grove, Culver City, Venice Beach, LACMA, FIDM and Hollywood, among other places. And you can buy the things, if that's easier for you, from Coolhaus shops and online.

So get an ice cream sandwich, vote for the show if you're able and interested, then go home and watch television. Because it's summer in Los Angeles, and that's as good a way to keep out of trouble as anything.

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