Stereogum and Rolling Stone report that Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos, “a noted foodie who compiled his eating adventures into a travelogue called Sound Bites,” is really upset at the band's US label Epic Records for licensing one of their songs for a McDonalds ad campaign.

Kapranos' actual statement makes his displeasure very evident:

“This: is an example of how a band falls out with their US label. Did they think we'd approve this shit?”

“Dirty bastards. Stupid arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes. I'd rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDonald's.”

A “Cow-pat” (pictured), as Urban Dictionary helpfully points out for those not of the British persuasion, is “a really sloppy cow shit that hits the floor, spreads out like a pancake and then sets so hard you can play frisbe[e] with “

From Rolling Stone's article:

Kapranos later backed off the purveyors of the Big Mac and focused his anger at Epic. Which track the label licensed is unclear as the McD's link requires an administrator's password. “I'm not really pissed off with McDonalds. They're just the same as any other psychopathic corporation — no more evil, no less,” Kapranos tweeted. “The psychopathic corporation I am pissed off with is Sony who owns Epic who release our records in America. But not really surprised.”

Kapranos later joked that Sony/Epic's McDonald's deal ruined a potential White Castle sponsorship for Franz Ferdinand, adding “I was going to get a lifetime supply of those cute (much tastier than McD) burgers.”

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