The Frank and Jamie McCourt saga that has dragged down the Dodgers and the city's enthusiasm for baseball this season might finally be over.

The Los Angeles Times and Associated Press report that the pair appear to have reached a divorce settlement that would give Frank the team and allow Jamie to walk away with $130 million. Previously Jamie had claimed ownership of half the team.

The ouster of Jamie from claims of ownership could mean …

… that Frank could finally sell TV rights to Fox for $3 billion and get the Dodgers back on track after leveraging the team's worth to the hilt.

Of course, it seems almost everyone in town, as well as Major League Baseball itself, would love to see both McCourts lose ownership of the Dodgers.

McCourt says the TV rights sale, dead in the water until the divorce is settled, would pull the team out of bankruptcy. MLB wants the bankruptcy court to force the McCourts and/or Frank to sell as part of the plan.

McCourt might need that TV money to pay Jamie her $130 million.


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