Fox News' Fox & Friends was punk'd by its own gullibility this week when it aired a story about the Los Angeles Police Department ordering 10,000 jet packs — more than enough for each sworn officer to have one.

Problem is the story was fake — sourced from the Weekly World News.The price tag of the jet packs was said to be $100,000 a piece — adding up to a billion dollars worth of gear at a time when the LAPD can barely fill open positions and overtime has been cut drastically.

The Los Angeles Times got Chief Charlie Beck on the record about the stunt:

“We certainly haven't bought any jet packs. We haven't bought [squad] cars for two years.”

Jet packs would be cool though.

Cops could chase down anarchic bicycle activists with the push of a button. And can you imagine the look on the face of that guy driving a stolen car who always tries to outrun the cops? Priceless. And now that weed is practically legal, you could just slide your joint under the afterburner and feel that $100,000 glow.

LA Weekly