It appears that Fox 11 News was duped by a suspect who admitted to fabricating video that the station used to show that cops had allegedly lied when they stated that the man was pulled over because his car lacked license plates.

The suspect, sometime gang member Rafat “Danny” Abdallah, admitted in court that he fabricated surveillance video that appeared to show that his S-class Mercedes in fact had plates the night he was pulled over outside his business on the Eastside. During the traffic stop police said they found a gun, and Abdallah was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm — a serious offense that brings with it the possibility of serious time.

He had argued that police repeatedly harassed him because he hired gang members at his business. His attorney even suggested that police planted the gun.

“The cops lied, clearly” attorney Jim Epstin told Fox 11. “The tape clearly shows that he had a license plate on the back of his car.”

However, after a Los Angeles police video analyst concluded that the tape had been doctored, the suspect admitted as much in court through his attorney, according to the union that represents Los Angeles police. Abdallah's challenge to suppress evidence of the gun being found based on the alleged false pretenses for the traffic stop has been denied, and his trial is going forward.

The union, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, hailed the news of the doctored tape and wondered why Fox 11, which had been covering the proceedings, wasn't in court Friday when the admission was made.

“As the officers stated from the day the false allegations surfaced, the Los Angeles Police Protective League is happy to report that the news report was found to be untrue,” stated LAPPL president Paul M. Weber. “This convicted felon who was an East Los Angeles 13 gang member had 'produced' a video that showed that his car had a rear license plate on it when stopped by the officers. This contradicted the officer's police report and his basis for probable cause.”

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