After a winter in which we saw a prediction of torrential rain but received only half of normal rainfall, Mother Nature is finally starting to send some precipitation our way.

In May.

This is a month during which normal rainfall for Los Angeles is one-quarter of an inch. But forecasters say there are chances it could fall from Thursday through Sunday.

After the National Weather Service declared that February gave us the hottest average high temperatures of any February recorded, we're starting to believe the weather is living in Opposite Land this year.

For this week, the NWS says a slow-moving front will bring the possibility of showers, along with a cool-down, starting Thursday.

“Precipitation will be highly hit-and-miss on Thursday,” the service said in a statement. “Some areas may not receive any measurable precipitation at all.”

Private forecaster AccuWeather suggested that Cinco de Mayo partygoers might want to bring umbrellas when they go out Thursday.

“While neither day is expected to be a washout, spotty showers are expected to move through Southern California on Thursday and Friday,” it stated. “There is even the chance for a few rumbles of thunder with some of the heavier showers that move through.”

Federal forecasters seemed to agree, calling for the possibility of thunderstorms Friday. Snow could fall at elevations as low as 5,700 feet, they said.

“A slow-moving low-pressure system will bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday, along with cooler conditions,” the NWS stated. “Temperatures will likely return to near normal early next week as high pressure returns.”

Stay high and dry, people.

LA Weekly