Flash Mob America has news for you: When it comes to marriage proposals, flash mobs are the new baseball-game billboards! Or sky messages! Or tombstones, as the case may be! Thus completing the transition of the flash-mob concept from rebel's rally to gushy Hallmark musical. (See also: Disney flash mob at Apple Store, PacSun flash mob at the Grove.)

OK, we'll shut up now. This marriage proposal, set beneath the study lounge where former UCLA students Trang and Nam first met, is the cutest thing ever. In fact, we shed a single tear on our keyboard, and now the question-mark key doesn't work. Damn you, cute people!

Highlights are as follows.

00:05: Flash-mob organizers and boy of the hour bug themselves with some kind of wire communication system. Fancy! Boy is acting like 10-year-old on Christmas morning. Cute!

00:40: Girl realizes something is weird with the quad. Surveys surroundings, looks not unlike prairie dog.

01:13: Hot chick in hipster jazzercise outfit joins the fun.

01:23: Girl finally kind of realizes what's going on, beginning routine of hug, giggle, cover face, touch hair, want to escape but sorta just crouch, repeat.

01:58: Boy joins the mob, leaving girl to awkwardly withstand the equivalent of a two-minute rendition of “Happy Birthday,” with a few hundred people watching.

02:21: First tears!

03:49: The kid in flannel. Yes.

04:35: Begin proposal. Boy gives long heartfelt speech, with interjections from girl like, “So embarrassing,” and “You should have told me to look better… all these cameras!” and “You're so cheesy.”

06:30: Boy pops the question. Girl replies, “Duh!” (Which brings up a good point — didn't really leave her much of a choice, did you, dude?)

Annnd they lived happily ever after. Almost as happy as the New York couple who booked clowns, cameras and a chorus line in Madison Square Park, then let them loose to that “Shake Shake” song. Keyboard, obliterated.


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