Our girl Joycelyn Elders, the former U.S. Surgeon General who once suggested masturbation as an alternative to unsafe sex (for some of us it's the only alternative), is stoking (stroking?) the headlines once again.

Over the weekend President Clinton's short-term doctor-in-chief told CNN she thinks California should go ahead and legalize marijuana.

Suck on that, Eric Holder (he's the Obaman Attorney General who is threatening to enforce federal drug laws even if we make pot fully legit in the Golden State).

Says the wise Elders:

“What I think is horrible about all of this, is that we criminalize young people. And we use so many of our excellent resources … for things that aren't really causing any problems … We have the highest number of people in the world being criminalized, many for non-violent crimes related to marijuana. We can use our resources so much better.”

She makes us long for the days of a non-inhaling president.

LA Weekly