Forever Arielle Joins Janet’s Rhythm Nation: L.A.-based dance music artist Forever Arielle remembers her life-changing Janet Jackson experience.

Forever Arielle: October 14, 2017 was the day my life changed forever. My best friend had given me two tickets to see Janet Jackson’s “State Of The World” tour at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I had never even been to a concert before! I had become a fan while watching highlights of her “Janet Tour” in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now I was given a chance to see this amazing female perform live!

The concert was sold out and our tickets were up front, close to the stage. The audience was the most diverse audience I had ever seen. There were people of all races and ages, people with cowboy hats, girls with daisy dukes and tank tops, people with turbans, Janet Jackson look-alikes, men women, teenagers and even her father was there! Everyone had come to spend several hours listening to this unforgettable pop legend sing and perform her countless hits and iconic dance moves. It came as no surprise that someone whose career had spanned over four decades would have exactly this audience.

The show started and I was even more blown away. The costumes, the lighting, the special effects, the flawless choreography. Seeing Janet perform would make anyone a super fan, including me. I was thinking, “Janet J. is not in her 20’s yet she is delivering a top-notch performance!” Janet J. opens with Rhythm Nation tracks “The Knowledge” and “State of the World” for this show. She then reels off a series of medleys, including “Nasty,” “Miss You Much”, “Control,” “What Have You Done For Me Lately,” “Escapade”’ and “When I Think Of You.”  The audience went “crazy” and started dancing and everyone was immersed. And finally came my favorite Janet J. song, “If.” We, the crowd, exploded!  Unforgettable pop music moments…

At this moment, while I was entranced by the “If” song, I suddenly had an epiphany for a song of my own. My very own song, my first song (and I didn’t even know I could write a song), I pulled out a napkin from my purse and jotted my ideas down. Later that night, in the hotel, I shared my ideas with my best friend, who aspired to be a singer. Now it was her turn to be blown away! She loved it. I wrote some lyrics and she sang. Our concert had continued into the night. Janet Jackson had been my inspiration.

This is how Arielle was born…

Forever Arielle Joins Janet’s Rhythm Nation: Forever Arielle’s “Love Tsunami” is out now.



































































































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