From pudding cups to 100-calorie Cheese Nips packs to frozen dinners, it seems that everything comes portion-controlled these days. Now England is adding wine to that list, as reports that British department store chain Marks & Spencer has started selling single-serve glasses of wine. According to the site, the wine glasses, which are made of recyclable plastic, come pre-filled with 187ml (that would be 6.3-ounces) of shiraz, chardonnay or rosé and have a peel-off foil lid.”

While the glasses aren't yet available for sale stateside, they're the wine equivalent of a jello cup, a yogurt container and even a can of Pringles. But therein lies the problem: once you pop, we bet you can't stop. Which is just fine for the on-the-go glass inventor James Nash, an Englishman who initially had his product pitch rejected by UK reality business show Dragon's Den. Nash, it turns out, is having the last laugh, as Marks & Spencer is struggling to keep up with demand for the Le Froglet branded glasses. No word on when they might make it to this country, but if Nash has his way his glasses will be prominently featured in-flight, at sports stadiums and picnic areas.

LA Weekly