Think Bartles & Jaymes meets Ozzy Osbourne. Or maybe Mikhail Prokhorov. This enormous silver wine cooler will be up for auction at Sotheby's in July, and is expected to sell for between £1.5 million and £2 million. The cooler was commissioned by the third Lord Raby in 1706, and was designed by Philip Rollos, one of London's finest goldsmiths. Sotheby's, it seems, has been searching Europe for wildly expensive gear to sell at a “treasures sale.” Other than this — small child not included — they'll be auctioning lots of terribly expensive stuff, including four stools made for Marie Antoinette. Sure, we're still in a recession, but what better time for the still-extremely-rich to pick up a few trophies. This may not be as exacting at temperature control as, say, a Vinotemp, but then those do not double as bathtubs.

LA Weekly