For men, a lot of things get the blood and juices flowing when it comes to getting in the mood. It can be anything ranging from the infamous Phoebe Cates scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High to Tawny Kitaen's moves in the Whitesnake video for “Here I Go Again” to more recently, anything Lady GaGa or Rihanna does. All of these things ooze sex, which is their common denominator. In addition to those kinky, glamorized, Hollywood-filled ideas of what gets guys going, here's a list of five things that appeal to the common man.

Honorable Mention, Whale tales: When bigger chicks started rocking thongs, the whale tale has sort of gone the way of the Beta Mac. Except in a few rare instances, when you see that thong or G-string showing itself, you can't help but look and think what else comes with that package. Right fellas?

5. Short shorts: As summer rapidly approaches, there's no better way to celebrate the heat than chicks rockin' short shorts. Skimpy cut-offs are nice, but there's nothing that says it's time to bring the heat than booty shorts. When a fit girl rocks these and is willing to show off her lean legs and tight ass, what can be better than that?

4. Skimpy swimwear: In the past few years, a lot of ladies have been willing to show off their beach bods even when some of them aren't meant to wear two pieces. Even with the spare tires, rolls and ass bigger than a screen at a drive-in movie theatre, there's STILL little better than skimpy swimwear on a girl who it belongs on. Any time a chick walks by you in super small string or thong bikini, how could that NOT get you going? Yes, it is generally in a public place the fact is that it's undeniable that this is a mega turn-on.

3. Good music taste: We're gonna switch gears on this one. Any time a girl has good music taste (or at the very least compatible with yours) what can be any cooler? This means that you can both rock out to the same stuff while being introduced to a group you may not have known before. Everything doesn't have to be the same, since nothing in life is. But a girl with good music sense shows that she's willing to think beyond the top-40 garbage and great taste, which goes a long way with the formula that makes her attractive.

2. Low cut shirts: If you're a tits guy, then this should be number one on your list. However, in order to balance things out (since not all guys are tit guys, just ask Kenny Powers), low cut shirts comes in at two. Being able to see a girl's boobs takes the mind to wondrous places, imagining what is underneath that shirt and is hiding behind that teeny bra. It's a turn-on, maybe even the biggest physical one. But, nothing can beat our number one answer…

1. Great conversation: Cheesy? Yes. Hokey? Probably. But how else are you going to find out if a gal is meant for you if you can't talk to her about things that are interesting and intelligent? By having a great chat, it opens the door and is a great indicator of what life in between the sheets is going to be like. If you have great chemistry, you'll have great conversation, which will translate to more fun later on.

LA Weekly