You can never have too many awards, or too many award ceremonies, can you? Today Foodbuzz announced the nominees for their 2009 Blog Awards. Among the nominees, selected from some 3,500 nominations from readers and fellow bloggers, and including a few notable local stand-outs, are Smitten Kitchen for Best Overall Blog, White on Rice Couple for Best Photography Blog, 101 Cookbooks for Best Recipe Blog, Burnt Lumpia for Most Humorous Blog, Foodwoolf for Best Writing Voice, and Wandering Chopsticks for What blogger should have their “foodie life” made into a movie? Check here for a complete list. Voting goes through October 29.The winners will be announced on November 7th at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco. Maybe Wolfgang Puck will cater the event. Does he have a food blog yet? Live, love, tweet.

LA Weekly