L.A. Weekly's food section is looking for interns. If your idea of fun is writing about tamales or food trucks or which local chef is secretly building a french fry oil-powered food truck in his garage AND you're currently enrolled in school and can get academic credit for an internship, then you might consider giving us a call.

A few prerequisites: This is an unpaid internship, and thus you MUST be able to get academic credit. Literacy helps. Knowledge of the local food scene helps. Being able to blog helps. (Of course my 14-year-old kid runs two Tumblrs, so this is probably a given these days.) Interested? Send us an email with your resume and confirmation that you ARE IN SCHOOL. Because although we commend you for wanting to intern for us if you're a pajama-wearing retiree who likes to blog about Michael Voltaggio from your backyard pool, the academic credit part isn't really negotiable.

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting LA Weekly and our advertisers.