Who knew that Granada Hills was a hotspot for the mobile culinary juggernaut known as the Food Truck revolution?

But that it is. So much so that area restaurants have complained, and on Wednesday authorities raided “Food Truck Night” along Chatsworth Avenue between Zelzah and White Oak avenues, according to the Daily News.

It left some of the mobile operators sick to their stomachs. OGTempura chef Jae Cho was raw, saying:

They've been on a mission to shut us down They're just trying to bully all the food trucks.

Who is they? Well, in this case, they is the the L.A. County Department of Public Health, which sent 10 inspectors to the weekly gathering and wrote up truck operators that didn't pass muster. According to the DN something as minor as not having enough hot water on-board for hand washing, even at the end of the night, was enough to get written up.

But the real pressure appears to be coming from area businesses, local City Councilman Mitch Englander, and the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce which, yes, wants a piece of the action:

According to the Daily News, the chamber wants up to $75 a day from the trucks so that staffers can use the bathrooms of area businesses. According to newish food truck regulations, the coaches' food workers must have access to a nearby eatery bathroom, for sanitary health reasons.

Talk about your street taxes. Some gangs charge less. At least it was nice of the county health inspectors to help the chamber make its case.


LA Weekly