This is all getting very amusing. Now that the schizoprenic mashup of @ruthbourdain is getting lots of airtime, the players themselves are joining the meta-conversation. Via YouTube, we now have Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert discussing Ruth Reichl's tweets and @ruthbourdain on Martha Stewart's Sirius Radio show. Listening to the two chefs read Reichl's tweets on air is hilarious. One thinks of William Shatner reciting Bashō. But not as hilarius as Reichl herself calling in to read her own latest tweet.

“So do you have any idea who Ruth Bourdain is?… I thought maybe it was you, Eric,” says Reichl. “A woman would never say 'cloudy as fuck.'” “Probably not, but the way you say it, it sounds like Latin.” Whoever you are, Ruth Bourdain, you have done us all a great service. Just, please God, let us not have a string of copy-cats. A series of derivative Twitter mashups of, say, @marthalagasse or @marioray is NOT a good idea.

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