Los Angeles Times: UC Berkeley Republican club draws nationwide protests and support with a bake sale in which items are priced according to a buyer's race, ethnicity and gender.

Gourmet Live: The history of teachers and apples. Or, what to read online during class.

Steamy Kitchen: Earthbox gardening, or how to make a simple garden out of raised beds, even if your local soil sucks.

The Onion: General Mills Releases New Lucky Charms With 15 Percent Less Leprechaun Meat.

Zester Daily: Checking in on Rio de Janiero's farmers markets, where organic produce is not as easy to find as you'd think it might be.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Legislators seek to end state's butter-only law for restaurants and prisons. That sound you hear is a million ex-pat Frenchmen weeping.

Food52: A recipe for chocolate oatmeal cookies. Go home. Turn preheat the oven.

Gilt Taste: The Gentile's Guide to the Jewish Holidays.

The Atlantic: How the government can help small-scale local farmers.

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