— Time to Boycott French Toast, French Fries Again. (See: burqa laws.) [The Awl]

Gordon Ramsay moves to Bel Air (“12 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a summerhouse”). [Digital Spy, via Eater]

— New Farmworker Report Paints a Big, Grim Picture. [Civil Eats via @SlowFoodUSA]

— The wonderful world of street food. [Marcus Samuelsson]

— Is dressing up to go eat out the new trend? [The Wall Street Journal]

Donald Trump, vintner. (Maybe that explains why he's so obsessed with Obama's birth certificate, or why he's considering running for office himself: a surfeit of wine.) [Daily Dish]

Willy Wonka, molecular gastronomist. [Kottke.org]

Eva Longoria's new cookbook. (Or, what to do when you're not going to NBA games all the time.) [HuffPost Food]

Dietary Guidelines, 1861 (they haven't changed much). [Food Politics]

“Twee-zine,” or kids who eat at Per Se instead of Domino's. [New York Post]

Favorite Food Trucks Across the US. [Flavor Pill]

French fries; Credit: Flickr/u m a m i

French fries; Credit: Flickr/u m a m i

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