The Cookbook Blog: A very cool interview with Diana Kennedy.

LA Observed: Ray Bradbury's typewriter, a 1947 Royal KMM #3756210. (Does this have anything to do with food? No. But it's Ray Bradbury's typewriter. Stop clouding pictures of foie with your iPad and go look.)

Daily Dish: Food historian, linguist and very nice guy Charles Perry fishes for his food.

The Salt, NPR's Food Blog: Diners' Guide Rates Working Conditions Inside Restaurants.

Eater LA: Umami. Hegemony.

The Atlantic: Barry Estabrook on how organic can feed the world.

Stick a Fork in It: Ten Great OC Coffeeshops.

The Huffington Post: Those holiday white Coke cans are really confusing!

KCET Food: Andrew Wilder goes from blogging about the merits of eating unprocessed food to blog tutoring.

The Glutster: Ask The Glutster: Where do I find anti-healthfoods in East L.A.? Chicharron and Chales!

Bon Appétit: Quick Comfort Food Recipes. Of course.

Eatocracy: Thirsty in Japan? Ask a machine for a drink.

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