The Philadelphia Inquirer: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that a $4 million grant will help supply the technology for farmers markets to accept food stamps. (The Electronic Benefit Transfer card has largely replaced paper coupons.)

Eater L.A.: Chinese pizzas, most expensive pizzas, a delivery guide and more…

The Los Angeles Times: If Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then what does that make Club 33? The super exclusive restaurant at New Orleans Square is opening membership for the first time in a decade. Only 100 people will get in, and they pay $25,000 plus annual dues of $10,000.

The Daily Dish: Jonathan Gold is queried about where to find sand fleas in L.A. (Who's asking? Noma's Rene Redzepi. Why? A science lecture.)

The Financial Times: Forget wine pairings, how about spoon pairings? Copper, gold, silver, tin, zinc, chrome or stainless steel?

Slate: Kale — the California diet superfood. Maybe.

Grub Street: An interview with Lesley Bargar Suter, recent James Beard winner for Los Angeles Magazine's food coverage including Chinese food and classic breakfasts in L.A.

The Huffington Post: Pictures of food-inspired art on streets around the world.

Food Politics: The safety problems of “tuna scrape” in sushi.

Stick a Fork in It: “Six Random Restaurateur Do's and Don'ts”

Good: At an exhibition in New York, ordinary furniture doubles as mini produce gardens.

Zagat: Five reminders of the wild creations L.A. chefs can make with foie gras.

Chef Bradley Ogden: A recipe for clam soup served at the James Beard Foundation Awards last week.

TheKitchn: If it's a bad bar, what to do? “Safe drink” ideas from 25 food writers. (Also, Julian Cox gives tips for non-alcoholic cocktails.)

KPCC: L.A.'s doughnut moment.

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