Reuters: Organic farmers vow to continue challenging Monsanto's patents on genetically modified seeds, defying a court that ruled no controversy exists.

Food Arts: Julian Cox and others are using sous-vide for cocktails. Call it “flash brew.”

Grand Forks Herald: A book deal with Anthony Bourdain could be in the works for Olive Garden critic Marilyn Hagerty.

The Atlantic: Could East Coast-based Wegmans be the supermarket of the future?

Opinionater: Mark Bittman on “The Right to Sell Kids Junk.”

Daily Dish: Jonathan Gold launches an advice column. First up, what to do with people who won't eat “anything with a face.”

Hulu: “A Day in the Life” of Mario Batali, in 22 minutes.

Eater: Chef Michael Cimarusti of Providence on sustainable cooking.

Bon Appetit: Stop eating egg-white omelets — “It's…a refusal to participate in the found poetry of the whole egg.”

The Daily Meal: Still no Dunkin' Donuts in L.A., but the chain prospers around the world with doughnut flavors ranging from kimchi to durian. The exotic varieties are all in Asia. Except the one in Texas.

N.A.D.E.R.: Be wary of pricey bartending classes.

Stick a Fork in It: “The Five Commandments of Food Writing”

New York Times Magazine: An interview with “Semi-Homemade” cook and Food Network personality Sandra Lee.

The Washington Post: Michelle Obama brings kids to the White House kitchen garden.

New York Magazine: The rabid foodie-ism of 27-year-old Diane Chang, San Gabriel Valley native and food industry “civilian.”

Blogdowntown: The Los Angeles Brewing Company, set to officially open April 6, will look after the pets of patrons who dine inside.

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