— Why the sustainable food movement should learn to love Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine. [Grist]

My Gay Starbucks (Santa Monica Boulevard & Westmount Drive). [Zócalo]

— Is sugar toxic? [The New York Times]

Drunken Passover Grilled Cheese (a recipe). [Doves and Figs]

— Making Mollie Katzen's homemade walnut butter. [Gluten-free Girl]

Glowing blue pork meat found in Shanghai. (Not a religious experience but phosphorescent bacteria. Possibly.) [Slashfood]

— The Dodgers cancel their half-price beer promotions in the wake of the brutal fan beating. [NESN]

— Outtakes, sort of, from Gabrielle Hamilton's book, Blood, Bones & Butter. [Bon Appétit]

2-Year-Old Gets Served Alcohol at Olive Garden. [OC Weekly]

Credit: Flickr/rickymulan

Credit: Flickr/rickymulan

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