Consumer Reports: Ways to conserve energy in the kitchen during the holidays.

BBC News: Does your kid like to watch Hayao Miyazaki movies more than eating actual food? Maybe if you spent 2 hours making your kid's lunch in the shape of Totoro (or Barack Obama) it would help. Maybe not.

Cakehead Loves Evil: A typewriter made out of gingerbread. (Imagine if Hansel and Gretel had been written by Ray Carver. And thanks to @pleasurepalate for the link.)

The Huffington Post: All somebody wants for Christmas is a Donut [sic] Robot. Of course they do.

KCET Food: How to make a vanilla pot de crème.

NPR: A cookbook tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's husband Martin Ginsburg, put together by the spouses of the Supreme Court justices. Or, what to give that friend who loves to cook while watching CSPAN and Court TV instead of The Food Network.

Food Republic: 5 White Wines for Winter. (With our favorite line: “White wine isn't pants. Drink it after Labor Day!” Can you drink pants? Guess it depends on the pants.)

Eater LA: Joseph Mahon's burger pop-up becomes a permanent restaurant. Or, finally a reason to go to Fullerton.

BrokeAss Gourmet: A recipe for Brussels sprouts with apples and bacon.

Reuters: An Albanian artist makes the world's largest coffee bean mosaic. A million coffee beans. A new definition of latte art.

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