When I was in high school, our science teacher would take us out into the woods, blindfold us (no Blair Witch Project jokes, please) and turn us loose amid the trees to see if we could identify each one by the feel of the bark, the shape of the leaves. Yeah, it sounds odd, even creepy, but boy was it effective. Unless you're the state of Texas, tests work. So, for all you hamburger groupies out there who are convinced that you know your burgers–that you can knowledgeably debate the finer points of Sang Yoon's Father's Office burger vs. The Hungry Cat's pug burger (named for David Lentz and Suzanne Goin's dog, by the way)–here's a test. ID this one.

Ideally, yes, this test would be conducted at an anonymous table, you would be blindfolded, and the perfectly-cooked and nameless burger would set before you to consume and identify. Feel free. Absent that kind of elaborate orchestration, we have this. Here's a hint: how many burgers do you know of that are served with frico? But I guess Thomas Keller puts the fried disks of Parmesan on his English pea soup, so why not. Here's another hint: very soon you will be able to get this one at more than it's current sole location. If you still don't know, you're probably a vegetarian. I'm sorry.

LA Weekly