Thanks for playing last week's first installment of Food Games, in which we asked you to ID a burger. For those who answered the Umami burger, you were right. Soon you'll have two more Umami locations to order one; lucky you. So here's another test: where's this burger from?

It is a very tasty incarnation, and has the distinction of being the first burger I have ever actually rolled up my sleeves to eat. It's a Niman Ranch burger, cooked the near side of medium-rare, and topped with Gruyere cheese, “onion fondue,” bread-and-butter pickles and a bit of herb remoulade. The bun is from Röckenwagner Bakery, although the pastry chef at the restaurant in question says that she'll soon be baking her own. When you order this burger, you are given the happy option of adding a fried egg, which you will see I took. Thus the rolled sleeves. For the composition of place, you will see fries (or not; they went quickly) in the background and, somewhere lost behind them in the gathering darkness of the bar at which you can both order and eat, miniature bowls of ketchup (as if this looks anything like a Father's Office burger) and aïoli. Adjacent argula. A small haphazard mountain of cloth napkins somewhere mercifully out of sight. 20 guesses, though the egg probably gave it away as did, perhaps, the over-worked pastry chef.

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