The rapper Flo Rida was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach on suspicion of drunk driving. His blood alcohol level was reported to be .185, more than twice the legal limit in Florida.

According to TMZ, he was stopped by the police when they saw him swerving in his Bugatti (that “Low” money must have been good) around 3:30 a.m.

Noticing the smell of alcohol, the officer asked the rapper to perform a field sobriety test. Probably didn't help that his driver's license was suspended for not paying a traffic fine last month.

And then, Flo Rida made a liquid courage decision, honesty. This is why we love rappers:

Asking the rapper to perform the “walk the line” test, Flo allegedly said, “Officer I can't do this. I don't feel I can walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let's try another test.”

Brilliantly, he then said, “I can make it home.”


LA Weekly