This should be a cool opening. It features singer Becky Stark and drummer/comic artist Ron Rege (both of Lavender Diamond) as The Mystical Unionists. Here, this is from the press release of the opening at the Hope Gallery, a joint project of the Family bookstore, and the record label Teenage Teardrops:

For one month the they will turn The Hope Gallery into an ultra-optimistic projection of the future, via constant in-house drawing, musical performances, and puppet theatre. 'Enter the Cartoon Utopia' aims to inspire viewers towards positive imaginings for their surroundings, and the empowerment for their realisation.

Utililising his distinctive cartoon line-drawing style, Rege envisions a future utopia, drawing largely from the Los Angeles cityscape, and the short-lived genre of 60s utopian sci-fi novels. Stark's installation consists of multiple miniature stages for future-utopian puppet shows, as well as musical performances and dance, featuring Stark and friends.

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