Angelenos have a special connection to the past. Where in so many other cities, farther-flung decades exist only in still photographs, books and yellowing documents, Los Angeles' past was documented by the film industry in lively moving pictures. L.A.'s history isn't static. We can revisit it whenever we want, but sometimes it's more fun to live it.

In that spirit, Danielle O'Neill organized the Roaring Twenties Street Jam, a weekend of activities that centered around the decade's dance and music.

Describing the event, O'Neill said, “We have world-famous instructors, people who flew in from all over the world to teach. Then we also have amazing shows at night with bands. Then we have a late-night speakeasy that goes till 5 a.m., like you would do it in the olden days. It's really giving you an exposure and a taste of all of it, from the carousel in Griffith Park to Barnsdall Art Theater to Elysian Park and a lot of other places throughout Los Angeles.” 

Participants gathered in period-appropriate locales throughout L.A. for live music and dance. Through them, the Jazz Age lives on in L.A.

LA Weekly