See how they run. One of these mice gives me nightmares. (I'll let you guess which one.) That aside, they are quite clever. A good way to get started in that whole Steampunk aesthetic.

1. The Skull Mouse

This one comes from Ivan Mavrick. The goggles are a nice touch. So are the little earphones.

2. The Furnace Mouse

Modder Unklian made this Furnace Mouse, whose LED coals light up fiery orange when plugged in (for “burnt fingers” he says). Cool! Or rather, hot!

3. The Russian “Stimpank” Mouse

I can't figure out who created this mouse. But that sinister cat is a stroke of genius.

4. The Paradox Mouse

This sweet little guy is made by Daniel Pon. “Luckily I had a whole rodent skeleton sitting in a box,” says Daniel. Yes, absolutely, Daniel. Luckily. We should all be so lucky as to have whole rodent skeletons sitting around in boxes in our homes. I particularly love the way the LED light glows red right through the mouse/rat's skull. Nice vertebrae, too.

5. The Bug Mouse with Eye In Jar

This one is made by a guy named Jake Hildebrandt. His mouse is based on something called a “Telecalculograph.” It incorporates an eyeball in a jar. The “formaldehyde” is actually Tazo tea. The eyeball is poster putty. So sick! So clever!

6. The Taxidermy Mouse Mouse (or, Some Things You Should Never Ever Do With A Dead Rodent's Body)

No, wait. I take that back. Does your significant other spend too much time on the computer when he/she should be spending it with you? Make him/her one of these.

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