We all have that playlist, the sexy one we cue up as we turn down the lights. But lately, ours has gotten tired — it's like when we go to the gym and know precisely how many songs we have left until our run's done. Our sex soundtrack? It's so bad we almost know what song will be on when we orgasm.

We dug around, then, and found five songs for you to spin next time you're in between the sheets. Because we're feeling more romantic than raunchy, we chose stuff to play when the mood is sweet rather than wild — but we'll take care of your inner freak next week.



Local singer Miguel has been smoothing out hooks for rappers like Blu and J. Cole (he's the reason J. Cole's “All I Want Is You” was 2010's sexiest summer song) for a few years now. But his own music is glossy, sophisticated R&B that gleams with a kind of artsy glamour. Making love to “Adorn” will make you feel all chic and shit.

“Love Song-1”

The Internet

If you thought Odd Future were just a bunch of rowdy kids setting stuff on fire, this delicate, aching love song by one of its subgroups will shock you. Syd the Kid's voice is powdery-soft, and if you've been fighting with your (wo)man, this will help you work it out, promise.

“R U 4 Real”

Teedra Moses

Something about this song makes us want to stretch out like a cat luxuriating in the sun. The slinky beat, Teedra Moses' sweet-sensual voice and lyrics like, “There's so many things I wanna do to you,” are why this is the song we want playing when we're doing it missionary.


New Look

New Look say they make future pop, but we just call it bedroom pop. “Everything” has an intensity that belies its shimmery, sparse beat. Singer Sarah Ruba's pillowy voice grows more insistent as the beat begins to pick up speed before it finally explodes at the end — and yes, that's a metaphor for exactly what you think it is.


Kilo Kish

Despite the little-girl timbre of New Yorker Kilo Kish's singsong, there's a striking maturity to her lyrics that lend an almost otherworldly sexiness to “Navy” (credit also is due to The Internet's production). “We are the stars/I don't just shine for you/You don't just shine for me/But still, magnetically we are,” she says. Yeah, that.

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