See also: Five Songs to Make Love to Tonight

There are times you and the lucky person sharing your bed want to stare into each other's eyes and breathe “I love yous” — and then there are times you want your face pressed into a pillow and your partner's eyes on your ass. For the latter instances, the last thing we want to hear is something sweet and gentle like one of the songs on our “making love” playlist.

Here, then, are five songs better suited to those nights you've turned your bedroom (or kitchen, or car, or …) into a sauna. Grab a towel.

“I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)”


It should come as no surprise that the George Clinton-led Parliament made this list; more surprising is that the band's songs don't comprise the whole of it. This one, which opens with its melody being plucked out on a guitar before slurred vocals flood the track, is a little overlooked in favor of the group's more raucous funk records. But throw this (or D'Angelo's cover of it) on and do some private dancing. Bet whoever's watching you won't make it through all six minutes.

“So Gone (What My Mind Says)”

Jill Scott

Let's be honest, “fucking” usually goes hand in hand with doin' wrong. That's why it feels so good, right? “Why does my body ignore what my mind says?” If anybody sums it up more sexily and succintly than Jilly from Philly, let us know. Then, of course, there's that quivery guitar yearning and those synths rising and falling …

“Suffocated Love”


Only Tricky would transform a tune from the sweet '50s group named after their Catholic school, The Chantels, into a track so naughty it makes you blush if you hear it in broad daylight. Tricky's own lines, at times guttural, at times purred (“My head's between your knees”), contrast with Martina Topley-Bird's richly belted chorus, “I know why the caged bird sings.” Moans are woven into the beat and a faintly island-like strain floating in and out almost convinces you this isn't a song about really twisted sex.

“Fuck U All The Time”


A spare beat and the repeated phrase of “I could fuck you all the time” — it's like the Chicago R&B singer intended for you to add the background vocals.

“Never the Same”

Supreme Beings of Leisure

Lush, swirling beats like this from L.A. electro group Supreme Beings of Leisure always make us feel like we're on drugs. The production is so trippy and Geri Soriano-Lightwood's voice is so sweetly seductive, you almost miss the whispered aside, “Not the same girl you fucked last night” — even if the only thing you're high on is sex.

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