Five Potential Benefits of Giving CBD to Dogs and Cats

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If you have a cat with arthritis or a dog with the ‘Fear of Thunder’ phobia, then you know your pet has an issue that should be fixed. For a pet owner who is not medically aware, it is tough to see the animal suffer and feel like they cannot do much to help it. However, for certain health issues, there is a potential solution known as cannabidiol.

Also referred to as CBD, cannabidiol is a chemical compound present in industrial hemp. CBD has no psychoactive effect on the consumer, whether it is a human or animal user. The other compound in hemp called THC has that mind-altering effect, not CBD. Of late, veterinarians have started to realize that CBD is potentially effective for pets too. So here are some of the uses that make you want to purchase CBD for pets.

It Can Alleviate Anxiety

Does your dog bark too much, behave destructively or appear too restless anytime you go away from the residence? If yes, it might be having separation anxiety. Cannabidiol can ease anxiety so that your pet can be much calmer when it is alone at home. The hemp-derived substance can help ease anxiety related to noise phobia too. This means, when CBD becomes effective, the canine will not crouch down in fear whenever there are fireworks and thunderstorms nearby.

It Can Treat Epileptic Seizures

CBD is usable for rare and severe forms of epilepsy in humans. There is only one CBD product that the Food and Drug Administration approves for seizures found in those forms of epilepsy. So, CBD is commonly used for human epilepsy. Like human beings, even pets can suffer from epileptic seizures, which is when cannabidiol can help. Vets tend to prescribe standard drugs for pets having seizures, but these products can be unsafe to the animals’ liver and have other side effects. Besides, there is no guarantee that standard medicine can always be effective for pet’s health issues.

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It Can Alleviate Pain

CBD is reportedly effective in treating a wide variety of pain, which includes inflammation and pain associated with nerve issues. It can help to ease the complications of arthritis, aiding in the alleviation of mobility problems and joint pain.

It Can Help Deal With Nausea and Appetite Problems

Humans usually report having a strong desire for food during or following marijuana consumption, but your pet does not need to get a high to experience the effect. This effect related to marijuana usage is informally known as the ‘munches’.

If your feline companion is not displaying considerable appetite, cannabidiol can help to make it eat food. Cannabidiol has also been proven to help deal with nausea and vomiting, even when drugs or toxic substances lead to these two symptoms.

It Can Help To Fight Cancer

Initial research and evidence from anecdotes suggest that there can be an anticancer effect to CBD. This stops cancerous mammalian cells from developing and blocks the capability of the cells to create energy, thereby preventing the death of tumor cells.

Cannabidiol’s effects are being researched even today, including the ones associated with humans. What the present research on humans tells us is that CBD can only be a complementary option for a serious health issue such as cancer. In other words, it can only work together with the other treatment option for cancer.

If you feel that cannabidiol might just be effective for your pet, then feel free to discuss the matter with a veterinarian. Ask the vet whether it is possible to use the other treatment and CBD in combination for your cancer affected pet. If you choose to go for cannabidiol as per the vet’s advice, then be sure to buy products classified as ‘CBD for pets.’ Giving products with CBD for humans to pets is generally considered safe, but with cannabidiol goods specifically produced for pets being available, why not choose these? Not all companies that offer CBD pet products are reliable, so do your homework before purchasing something for your feline friend.

One thing to note is that if your pet is taking standard medication and you are planning to give your pet CBD, talk about your plan to the medical professional. This is essential to do because cannabidiol can interact with usual prescription medication. This applies to CBD for pets as well. It is ideal to avoid a drug-drug interaction because this can also negatively affect the absorption of one of the two medical products used. Drug-drug interaction can lead to adverse effects, but it is important to note that these are not what you would describe as ‘side effects.’

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