Fisher Capital: The Gold Company Becoming a Conservative Haven for Veterans in LA

Despite the increase in the number of investment options like crypto, NFTs, etc. investment in precious metals never went out of style. This is because of its low volatility, which can provide huge protection against inflation. The US-based metal retail company, Fisher Capital, is helping people leverage this incredible investment option to not just safeguard their savings but also grow their wealth irrespective of the market. Fisher Capital is a company founded by a group of US military veterans. The company stands out in the industry for offering bullion coins, which are rarely available in the open market.

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Incorporated in 2007, Fisher Capital quickly became the top precious metal retailer in the nation. It was ranked among “America’s Fastest Growing Precious Metals Companies” by Forbes. It all started with industry veteran Alexander Spellane’s growing interest in precious metals. Alexander Spellane is the founder and currently, the CEO of Fisher Capital. Raised in Cleveland, he found himself inclined to finance and investment rather than the business of music.

Alexander gradually worked his way to become the vice president of a precious metal retail firm. Shortly after learning the insights into the market and the incredible investment opportunities, he went on to start his own investment company, Fisher Capital. At 27, Alexander earned his first million dollars from the precious metal retail industry and knew there was no looking back. After learning the ins and outs of precious metal investments, he wanted to provide a higher level of service to his clients. With a goal to educate people on better ways of investing in precious metals, Alexander founded Fisher Capital and has stayed true to his mission.

Currently, Fisher Capital works with high-net-worth investors. The company diversifies investment portfolios with precious metals investments. Fisher Capital not only guides clients to identify all investment options but also educates them to take control of their finances. Besides its unparalleled customer services, Fisher Capital also makes access to bullion coins easier for clients. Bullion coins are highly sought-after currency in limited mintage and are difficult to get in the open market.

Recently, Fisher Capital outgrew its current location and took over the New York Times office in Los Angeles, a sprawling property that was in huge demand among companies. With this development, Fisher Capital found more space to train professionals and build a larger team to boost growth in the future. The team mostly comprises American patriots, who put their lives on the line to safeguard their country. The majority of the clients are also military veterans.

With the recent setback in the crypto and NFT space, investment in gold has seen a steep rise. Fisher Capital leveraged this opportunity to reach new heights and enhance its customer services. Alexander believes that precious metals are a critical element of a diversified investment portfolio. It is one of the best ways to inflation-proof the investment and achieve long-term financial security. Diversifying investment portfolios is the core service provided by Fisher Capital, and it will remain the same irrespective of the market condition in the future. With this principle, Alexander wants to scale Fisher Capital further offering true value to the clients instead of only selling products.

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