FYI to the male species: Don't forget that first impressions often form before you make it to the first date.

The way you initially make contact is judged. The way you go about asking the girl on a date is judged. And you'd better believe that the place you choose to take the girl on that date is judged and can often make or break the rendezvous.

Example: A girl meets you at a coffee shop. You talk for a half hour and, once she confirms you're not a serial killer and/or animal abuser she gives you her number and suggests you call her sometime.

After the customary waiting period (which is stupid; call her when you want to) you call (NOT TEXT) and ask her out after work that week. This will be your first date — DO NOT take her to a watering hole known locally as the bar you hit when you want to get royally fucked up and wasted.

Because when you say, “Hey, let's go to the Snake Pit, you know that place?” you're inadvertently telling the girl that you want to get her royally fucked up and wasted. And unless your previous 30-minute conversation included discussion of her joy of alcoholism and herpes scares, that's not the best impression to give.

So please select wisely when deciding on a place to have your first real conversation with the girl you like enough to spend half of a Benjamin on.


  • Loud places
  • Crowded places
  • Places that don't have chairs
  • Places that only serve drinks with umbrellas and twisty straws
  • Places that smell like meat
  • Places that smell like sex

Follow this criteria and you're more likely to go out on a second date. I promise.

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Suat Eman.

LA Weekly