Behold, the dorkiest gift of the holiday season — the hoverboard. Not only does it look (and apparently operate) like a Segway without handlebars, but it also propels you face forward in a counterintuitive conspiracy to make you look like a total dork while falling flat on your ass (right, Mike Tyson?).

Oh, and it also explodes or, at least, erupts into flames. Sometimes.

It's not even Jan. 1 and the city of Los Angeles has recorded its first hoverboard fire. And it was captured on video (below). Yay!

Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department says it was the first such incident “that we have encountered as far as we know.”

Firefighters were flagged down by Los Angeles police at 11:18 a.m. in the 900 block of South Vermont Avenue in Koreatown today to douse the hoverboard blaze, she said.

Crews quickly extinguished the fire and no injuries were reported, Stewart said.

Delvon Simmons posted a video of the blaze on Facebook

“So this just happened,” he wrote. “If you have them Hover boards get them out of your house asap. Parents tell your kids to be extra careful.”

One theory about the boards that have caught fire is that they were overcharged. One report, however, suggests that cheap lithium-ion can burst into flame after being banged up.

In any case, be safe out there. Or, be cool and just get a skateboard.

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