Firestone Vineyards is celebrating the launch of its new wine label, Firestone Discoveries, by offering to pay you $1,000 to hike Peru's Inca Trail to Machu Picchu this spring. You'll be accompanied by a yet-undisclosed guest chef who promises to keep you well fed and hydrated with cases of the winery's new $10 Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines. There is, of course, a bit of fine print. First — shall we state the obvious? — you must win the competition. And you must participate in Firestone's national marketing campaign for substantially less than the AFTRA/SAG daily stateside commercial rates. Right. We're talking about Internet advertising. Exploit away.

The winner will hit Peru April 17 through 25th (when it's fall in South America) and will keep a video log and photo journal of the trip. Back home, you'll file updates on the Firestone Discoveries website — the total commitment extends through May 11. You'll pontificate upon the merits of the Firestone Chardonnay with the aji de gallina (stewed chicken with chili peppers and black olives) and Cabernet with that sancochado (boiled meat and vegetables). To enter, you'll need to offer a compelling argument explaining why you should be chosen as the “Firestone Discoveries Pathfinder.”

The fine print: you only have fifty words to make that “pick me, pick me!” argument, you must be a Facebook fan of Firestone Discoveries to apply, and you earn “entry credits” — according to the website, an “extra chance at having your name drawn to be a semi-finalist” — by referring your friends to the promotion via Facebook or Twitter (neat publicity stunt, huh?). According to the website, ten finalists will be “randomly” chosen, then subjected to more intensive grilling by Firestone Execs to find the winner. The deadline is next Monday, December 14th.

Firestone Discoveries Pathfinder Competition: Deadline to enter is Monday, December 14th. Visit www.firestonediscoveries.com for details.

LA Weekly