Happy birthday, Groucho Marx (October 2, 1890-August 19, 1977). Who would've guessed that 108 years later (and lacking a DNA-binding domain) you'd promote epidermal cell fate by repressing transcription of proneural AS-C genes (Paroush, 1994) in fruit flies.

The Sounds of Groucho (https://www.sirius.com/~rickc/groucho2.htm) is a fine, small gathering of high-quality WAVs, with an emphasis on Duck Soup. Includes links to other fine, small gatherings.

Infringement (https://www.groucho.com) is Groucho's reply to Jack and Harry Warner after Warner Bros. threatened the Marx Bros. with copyright infringement (“A Night in Casablanca” infringed on Warners' ownership of the word “Casablanca”).

From FlyBase, a database of the Drosophila Genome at Indiana University, comes Interactive Fly, Drosophilia Groucho interacts with helix-loop-helix protein Hairy, one of the Enhancer of split complex genes and Deadpan, and thus regulates transcription as a transcriptional corepressor, in partnership with other proteins.”

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