The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) rescued a group of three hikers and their dog after being unable to climb a slope at Runyon Canyon trail in Hollywood Hills.

After finding the hikers in a remote area of the canyon at 7:06 p.m. Monday, LAFD used a rope and mechanical pulley to make their way to the group.

The group consisted of an 18-year-old male and two children ages 11 and 8.

“Firefighters have set up a low angle rope rescue with assistance from pulleys providing a mechanical advantage to assist these hikers up the slope safely,” LAFD said while updating on the rescue.

In addition to the mechanical rope, there were also LAFD helicopters providing light as the sun began to set soon after firefighters began the rescue.

Onlookers posted videos to social media, showing the location of the hikers and firefighters attempting the rope rescue and park rangers controlled the crowd.

The group and dog were successfully rescued and no injuries were reported.

LA Weekly