If folk illustrator Grandma Moses collaborated with pop realist David Hockney, the result might look like Eric Ernest Johnson's loosely rendered townscapes and landscapes. His paintings hang all over Here Is Elsewhere gallery at the Pacific Design Center. It's easy to read stories into the work, like the Next Door Neighbor paintings, a number of discrete panels that each depict two beige teepees sitting next to each other, seen from above. The teepees have a smoking firepit between them. In some paintings, the pit is behind the teepees. Other times, it's in front or closer to one than another, evidence of some sort of negotiation between otherwise invisible neighbors. 8687 Melrose Ave., #B222; through May 1. info@hereiselsewhere.com, hereiselsewhere.com.

Wednesdays-Fridays. Starts: March 20. Continues through May 1, 2013

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