Ray Garcia, the chef who brought you the Kegs and Egg brunch with its bottomless pint of draft beer, is making FIG's brunch even better, introducing a cocktail menu featuring six new variations on the Bloody Mary ($12-16), all made with fresh, mostly organic poduce. Yes, the House Mary and the Bloody Maria (made with tequila) are still on the menu, but it's hard not to gawk when they're made with bacon or foie gras.

Dreamed up by Garcia and FIG creative director Matt Lehman, the new concoctions go far afield from traditional recipes, incorporating a rainbow of colors. There's a spicy Green Mary with cucumber, dill and serrano chile; a Yellow Mary with yellow tomatoes; and a Brasilian Mary with carrot-tomato juice and cachaca. Right, right, but what about the bacon?

We haven't tried either of them, yet. Garcia and Lehman, who are no strangers to sweet-and-smoky cocktails like the Bacon and Eggs, use bacon-infused gin for the Bacon Bloody Mary. As for the Foie Mary, the description merely says foie gras and Belvedere vodka. We're as curious as anyone to find out how it tastes. Until then, we're sticking to the Tomato-Watermelon Mary, which we can assure you, dear readers, looks as girlie as a pink a tutu but might convert even the most macho of men to its charms.

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