Ferrat Destine: An Entrepreneurial Story of Grit and Resilience

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From moving to the United States back in 2012 with almost nothing of his own, Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine now boasts of several businesses, some of them hitting the #1 mark in their respective categories in the State of New Jersey. After a stint at Rutgers where the entrepreneur was faring quite well, he decided to tow the difficult yet rewarding path of entrepreneurship. His decision may come as a bit of surprise to the super hackneyed, but the entrepreneur had already made up his mind for whatever would be.

It wasn’t all great for Ferrat either at the beginning. He ran several businesses including a laundry business, all of which were successful but didn’t quite add up when he considered his deep seated passion for helping others and getting things done. One of his most successful businesses, Impress Service was a synergy of his passion and drive for impactful results. Starting out as a simple business solopreneur in Rahway New Jersey, Ferrat quickly established a reputation for never failing to meet a deadline on his service deliveries. Through word-of-mouth, and no expensive ads, Impress Service LLC amassed hundreds of positive reviews, staying poised as the people’s favorite for years.

To express his deep seated love for society and passion for helping others, Impress Service LLC went out of its way and the essence of most businesses to offer premium cleaning services to the old at the heart of the Pandemic. According to Ferrat, the positive reactions and prayers of the often helpless old were more valuable to him than money at a time when society was stripped bare of its most essential aspects.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, Impress Service continued to succeed and grow in leaps and bounds taking a digital first approach. The business is turning what used to be a part of the ordinary into a structured endeavor that saves time for busy entrepreneurs and other countrymen who need time to focus on other tasks that would add more value to society. At the time of writing, www.impressservice.com now offers a more accessible service to clients through Amazon’s AI-based voice command Alexa. Instead of typing, customers can simply say what they need to get done and wait for the results without lifting a finger.

Ferrat didn’t just stop at Impress Service LLC. He is now expanding his business into the fashion industry through his Cologne collection “Inspire” a brand identity meant to promote positivity and class at the same time. Ferrat enjoys seeing others succeed and spending time with his family, he has amassed a social following of over 65,000 on Facebook where he repeatedly shares life hacks and success lessons. He is inspired by his dad, brothers, and popular life coaches and motivational speakers in the United States. He believes that grit and determination are important traits to succeed in entrepreneurship while perseverance is the power of sustenance. Ferrat is working on other side-projects including a charity organization focused on the Vitiligo community www.21vitiligo.org.

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