This is why you should vote to legalize pot in California: In the crazy state of Florida a high school student was arrested for alleged pot possession and intent to sell after an assistant principal said he found a little weed in her R2D2 keyring.

Well, actually, it was five individual packages ready for sale — allegedly. And California's Prop. 19 actually wouldn't have changed the Lehigh Senior High School teen's predicament:

It would only allow the 21-and-over set to have up to an ounce for personal use.

But still. Poor thing. Natalie Velez, the Ft. Myers-area teen, was just trying to get closer to the Death Star by sharing her love of cannabis.

Authorities say she planned to sell the bags for $5 a piece. Good deal. Where was she when we were in school?

[ABC7 Ft. Myers].

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